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womens moncler jackets Hunt for the Wilderpeople is very different from the book, Jojo Rabbit (my new film) is very different from the book.Speaking of Jojo Rabbit, that was a script that was written quite a while ago, how do you find returning to a script that you may have written in a different place or headspace?Yeah, well, I’ve done that with all my films. I’d say that most of them, apart from my first one, that was very fast in making that, the rest of them were at least five years between writing the first draft and making the film.Taika stars in WW2 satire,Jojo Rabbit (Credit: Fox Searchlight)And so how does your writing style change with your other upcoming project Bubbles, where you’re working with someone else’s script and it’s production is so structured?I’ve done a few passes on it to get my own thing into it but yeah, it’s a very different avenue for me because I’ve never done an animation before. I mean, it’s all about the prep so all my work is going to be done before the animation even starts so recording the dialogue, where we’ll do a lot of improvisation as I usually do, and the animatics, basically making the film before they even move the puppets.All of your projects seem to have an aspect of fantasy colliding with harsh reality what it was about this theme that keeps drawing you back to it?I think just feeling like because a lot of my films are obviously told from a child/man child’s point of view and I wouldn’t say that’s how I see the world, I’m probably more jaded than some of these characters, but I like seeing the world through the fantastical lens womens moncler jackets.