Been in camp 10 days or so, I haven had a chance to be able to

Sometimes, as engineers, we can get caught up in making the best technical thing that we forget what the best product really means. For product engineers, best should be the best decision and experience for our user, not the coolest technical system. Sometimes features are just « extra » extraneous things that clutter and complicate the user experience.

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Instead, the mum squats surrounded by mountains of filthy plastic rubbish. Soiled food packages, plastic crates and even blood bags encroach on the mum and her new baby.Soon she will head back to work sifting through the debris for hours on end. She will then stand close by as it is melted down into pellets, the fumes wrapping themselves around the young family like a toxic blanket.Almost certainly, a proportion will have come from the homes, or more specifically the recycling bins, of Australia.Among the plastic are familiar brands; empty packets of Hill Science Plan dog food and Flora margarine tubs.dirty, tiring and I don make much money, said Kun, who runs the small firm processing rubbish.Kun business, is the subject of the documentary Plastic China, showing this Sunday in Sydney as part of the city annual Antenna Documentary Film Festival.The only employees are him, his wife and mother and the family next door including the new mum.