The 37 page report provides the most tangible evidence to date

House Republicans’ proposal to rewrite federal health care law would more than reverse the gains the Affordable Care Act has made in the number of Americans with health insurance, while curbing the federal deficit, according to a widely anticipated forecast replica celine by congressional analysts.The analysis, released late Monday afternoon by the Congressional Budget Office, predicts that 24 million fewer people would have coverage a decade from now than if the Affordable Care Act remains intact, nearly doubling the share of Americans who are uninsured from 10 percent to 19 percent. The office projects the number of uninsured people would jump 14 million after the first yearBut the GOP legislation, which has been speeding through House committees since it was introduced a week ago, would lower the deficit by $337billion during that time, primarily by lessening spending on Medicaid and government aid for people buying health plans on their own.The report predicted that premiums would be 15 percent to 20percent higher in the first year compared with those under the Affordable Care Act but 10 percent lower on average after 2026. By and large, older Americans would pay « substantially » more and younger Americans less.The 37 page report provides the most tangible evidence to date of the human and fiscal impact of the House GOP’s American Health Care Act.

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