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monlcer down jackets (So Father, you’re saying that faith is so weak that it will be destroyed by using « holiday » instead of « Christmas. » You’re saying that this will prevent folks from going to religious services. You’re saying that this will destroy the commercialism that is the real reason for the season. Hate to break to ya but secularists celebrate the « holiday » which includes non religious motifs such as Santa and all the other non religious tchoke!) Briggs asked if this was based on « just one letter to the editor of the Tulsa world. » He did the requisite right wing agitprop about how just one person ruins it for the rest with « Instead of representing the masses in Tulsa, which is a very Christian town. » Morris claimed that courts say that if people, in an area, are celebrating something that is important to them, they can call it whatever they want (which court decisions said that?) and the government should support that » because it’s a « cultural reality. » (Oh, so if Muslims in Dearborn want a government sponsored Muslim event, that’s legit?). monlcer down jackets

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