I believe Gavin Newsom will be elected governor on Tuesday

Although public scrutiny is focused on Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, Zimmerman’s freedom didn’t come by invoking « Stand Your Ground, » a statute that justifies killing in self defense. Rather, Zimmerman was returned to society a free man because the jury was convinced that what he did was completely acceptable in America today. Most white Americans agreed.

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A 1991 piece from Sylvia Poggioli in which Croatian soldiers and insurgents are heard trading insults on their walkie talkies. A sniveling coward, one Croatian called his enemy. (Google Translate tells us that in Croatian it would be kukavica. « Good evening. Today, while Hillary Clinton presides over the construction of a $1 billion State Department embassy in London, a member of Congress returned $100,000 to the Treasury, recognizing the need for all Americans to tighten our belts during tough economic times. That frugal leader is me.

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