DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post 9249 elected these men to serve

Pictures from the Past

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canada goose black friday sale This is a 1964 65 photo of Mrs. canada goose outlet nyc Shackleton’s 6th grade class at Huth Road Elementary School and submitted by Diane Bykowicz Hassan whose husband, Mark, was in the class. Shown front canada goose outlet houston left are Jim Kern, Doug Theiss, Louis Henry and Jim Szabo; (2nd row) Paulette Sterner, (unknown), Denise Stack, Cheryl Phelps, (unknown), Patty Ford, Cathy Orynawka, Diane Schnitzer; (3rd row) Mark Hassan, Jim Chambers, Pam Jeeves, (unknown), Alan Dodge, Joey D’Ingillo, Mrs. Shackleton; canada goose outlet niagara falls (top) Rick Eidens, Dave Burke, Jerome Viola, Tim Reimann, (unknown). Mark and Denise Stack were awarded the « H » pin that year and Mark still has his and wears it as a tie pin! He credits Mrs. Shackleton with instilling a love of reading in him. canada goose black friday sale

From left is Susan Kohlhagen (Long) pushing the family lawn mower with her sister, Carol (Hamlin) canada goose jacket uk and in the next photo, little sister, canada goose outlet paypal Karen (Wallace) is taking care of business on a warm, summer day. The Kohlhagens were our neighbors on Love Road in Grandyle Village and I took the snapshots in their backyard in 1954. Sue now lives in in Nunda, NY with her husband, Jeff. Karen has stayed on the Island with her husband, Scott and family, and Carol and her husband, Dave, raised their two daughters in the house on Love Road where the Kohlhagen girls grew up.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap The Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial VFW Post 9249 elected these men to serve the post for 1967 68 and held their installation in Del Herb’s Restaurant. From left are Officer Of the Day Walter Kendzierski, Junior Vice Commander John A. Starzynski, Senior Vice Commander Edward Flad, Commander George J. Bower, Post Advocate John S. Scott, Chaplain Sam Mancuso and Quartermaster Tom Collins. Not pictured were Post Advocate Gordon Gannon and Surgeon Frank Gill. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose clearance Isle resident Sally Black was in her first year of teaching in Charlotte Sidway School when she posed with her first grade class in the school’s gym. The photo is dated 1969 1970 and was submitted by Maura McCowan Rustowicz who is shown canada goose outlet los angeles on the left in the second row. Classmates are (front left) Debbie Lee, Lisa Williams, Deanna McBride, Carrie Dinino Sheehan, Amy Westrope, Cathy Golanka; (second row) Maura McCowan Rustowicz, Kristy Smith, Selena Flood, Lisa Schutrum, Becky Waite, Patty McLeod, Karen Bates Rosene, Mary Beth Shultz, Rachel Gorney, Lynn Zelonis Mikulski, Marilyn Edwards; (top) Mrs. Black, Greg Long, Roy Kemsley, Doug Boris, unknown, Kyle Cozad, Mike?, Bob Cunningham, Mike Rupp, Larry Worley and Brian Russell. canada goose clearance

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canada goose store This photo was probably taken on the stage at Huth Road Elementary School in the early 1970s. Shown front row left are Jan Guzzetta, unknown, Mrs. Betty Fitzgibbons, Mrs. Alice Meyers, Mrs. Eleanor Thomas, Miss Agnes Crowley, Elizabeth Reimann, Evelina Schopp, Marilyn Burak, Mrs. Marnie Pinzotti, Gertrude Radius, Mary (Miller) Panagoulacos and Principal Tom Tierney; (second row) Mrs. Kay Strickland, unknown, canada goose outlet shop Jean Cudmore, Belinda Gushue Plant, Pat Bulan, Anita Romagnoli DeGlopper (formerly Mrs. Meyer), unknown, Miss Nancy Peterson, Dolly Parks, Mrs Reynolds Shillinger, Mrs. Gileen French, Mrs. Gert Glair and Deloros King; (top) Jim cheap canada goose Mumm, Elaine Freedman, Mrs. Delores Murray, Mr. Dan Kensik, Mrs. canada goose stockists uk Peggy Figler (Bastian), Catherine Flynn, Elaine Kasprzyk, Pete Sloan, Sue Canavan, Miss Gladys Strassburg and Mrs. Mary Fontana. Thanks to Dory Smith Matwijkow for help with many of the names. Be sure to click each photo for a larger view. canada goose store

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Canada Goose Jackets Mrs. Pearson’s 4th grade canada goose outlet germany class at Huth Road Elementary School posed for this photo in 1962 63. Shown front left are Kathy Olds, Cathy Orynawka, Peggy Martin, Beverly Bedell Gerada, Jacqueline Martineck, (unknown), (unknown), Shelley Bookhagen, Ellen Hopkins (Faber); (middle row) Fred Bidell, (unknown), Mark Hassan, Pam Jeeves, Jean Killian, Patricia canada goose outlet in chicago Goodwin, Barb Muetel, Nancy Pickles, Andy Cady, (unknown), Denny Sarokon; (top) Mrs. Pearson, Ralph Edwards, Louis Henry, (unknown), Tim Reimann, Mike Maffei, Jim Chambers, Roger Kaiser, Herb Trottnow, Dave Livingston, Jim Shackleton and Dave canada goose outlet legit Brice. Thanks to Diane Hassan for submitting this photo and to Ellen Hopkins Faber for some of these names. Canada Goose Jackets

Kaegebein Elementary School students from Mrs. Hope Hartman’s class were looking over the selection of RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) books donated by the school PTA, in the late 1980s. The photo canada goose outlet sale was taken by Island resident Michael DeMartin. Veteran Kaegebein School teacher Hope Hartman has identified the students, who were in her classroom in 1986 1987. From left are Doug Dodge, Nathan Rimes, Kyle Miller, (student is with his head down not identified), tall boy behind him is Derek Ramsey, the boy with the glasses is canada goose uk site John Bowman, and the little girl may be Angela Scott.

canada goose coats Beth Hamilton and her sister, Kathy, canada goose jacket outlet found these pictures while going through some old photos last week. Beth took the picture on the left during her brother, Jim Hamilton’s GIHS graduation party in 1976 in front of 65 West Park Road. From left to right, front to back are Jim Hamilton, Kathy Hamilton, Mark Rafe, Jim Harris and Gene Combs. In the photo on the right, Beth is shown just behind her brother, Jim. Beth, Jim, Kathy and their mom, Sue live in the state of Alabama, but still call Grand Island « home. » canada goose coats

This photo was taken in June 1967 at Sidway School. Buddy Boss is the small boy buying a box of candy which was being sold by the Grand Island Little League. The others are (left) Homer Cook, Little League President Ted canada goose outlet store uk Kumlander, Joan Boss, Elsie Stamler and Joe Roe.

Canada Goose sale The photo is from canada goose discount uk the collection of photos of the late Elsie Stamler, former town clerk, and through the courtesy of her daughter, EhdeBeth Parrish and her nephew, Mike Stamler. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet My thanks to Sandy Cook Steele, former Island resident who now lives in Port St. Lucie Florida, for sending me her late father’s name. According to Sandy, Homer Cook was the Little League Baseball Commissioner on Grand Island in the early mid 1960s and the fundraising candy was from Madison Enterprises out of Pennsylvania. Canada Goose Outlet

Huth Road 5th grade students in Mrs. Jean Cudmore’s canada goose outlet factory class in 1963 are:

canada goose coats on sale first row left: unknown, John Papai, unknown, Russ Colosi, Jim Fuller; (2nd row) unknown, Jim Rumsey, unknown, Shelly Simpson, Valerie Person, Eddie Zelazany, Donald Kaiser; (3rd row) Kathy Hogan, Roberta (Bobbie) Gasbarre, Christine Bagdy, Mira Tetkowski, Marla Hagerman, Adele Carlson, Judy Duane, Linda Remmes and Louis Niro; (top) Tim Callahan, Jim Hartman, Lani Knapp, unknown, unknown, Sherry Oberkircher, and Mark Schultz. Also in the photo but not identified is Kathy Hogan. canada goose coats on sale

This is the Grand Island Junior/Senior High School as it looked in September 1963 when it opened for the first time canada goose uk to grades seven through ten. Principal and Assistant Principal of the new school on Ransom Road were Dr. Clyde Eidens and Henry Fessard repectively. By moving one grade level higher each year, the Class of 1966 became the first twelfth grade and the first graduating class on Grand Island. Approximately 300 Grand Island students were attending off Island senior high schools with the majority of the Island’s eleventh and twelfth grade students enrolled in Kenmore East and Kenmore West High Schools. When the Grand Island Middle School opened April 14, 1969, the high school housed grades 9 12. For a more complete story by my mother, the late Marion E. Klingel, click Building of GIHS.

Editor’s note: The following was written by my mother, the late Marion E. Klingel, for the Grand Island Record in 1999.

A growing problem (rats) made headlines in the November 1943 Buffalo Evening News and in the January 1944 issue of the nationally distributed Life Magazine. Pictures in the magazine included one of Islander Robert DeGlopper and another of the then small boy and Grand Island Town Clerk Elsie E. Stamler. « Farm Boy Discovers Ray Bounty Bonanza » the News headed its story, adding, « Pests Prefer Bait in Private, Says Expert. » It then went on to tell about Erie County’s war against rats and a control program getting underway on the William Kaegebein farm on Whitehaven Road. Life’s picture caption of Elsie and DeGlopper was canada goose outlet uk interesting indeed, informing readers that it was taken as the boy was handing 83 rat tails to the town clerk. Why? Because the county had offered a bounty of three cents each in its war against the vermin!

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canadian goose jacket The middle school’s gymnastics and tumbling program was in its seventh year when this photo was taken in 1977. Some of those taking part in the program that year included Sue Kennell, Marilyn Webb, Ann Marie Mahiques (top left), Nancy Lexo, Debbie Agnello, Darcy Gerspach, Sue Black Utz, Jill Bates, Maura McCowan Rustowicz and Sue Stone Braun. The gymnastics program was started by middle school physical education teacher Pat Muffoletto who began his teaching career on Grand Island at Kaegebein School in 1966. A reader has suggested that Michelle Ballachino is at the top on the right. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket Click photo for a larger view. Mordecai Manuel Noah’s Ararat Stone was moved to a place of honor in the old town hall, formerly School House 9, in 1965, three years before the « new » town hall was opened. The stone was returned by the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society under the auspices of the Grand Island Historical Society and through the efforts of Island resident and Society member Milton K. Pitts. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Parka Town Clerk Elsie Stamler is shown next to a plaque which was displayed just below the stone. The plaque reads: Canada Goose Parka.