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I think you should take a good look at yourself. Feels to me like you are acting a bit too self important. Your post about your parents had a score of 1, like most Reddit posts, and you being attacked seems to be people arguing with you. « Gainer, who ran a rabidly popular tumblr, Vintage Black Glamour, got a lot of attention with her photo history of black women’s style and beauty in 2014 (Vintage Black Glamour). Now she’s back with the male counterpart, a compendium of images from the late 1800s through the late 70s. And if the elegant cover isn’t enough to pull you in (Sidney Poitier in a tuxedo, staring straight at you, with That Look? Yes, please!), the hundreds of vintage photos of black artists, entertainers, intellectuals, athletes and politicians will keep you oohing and aahing for hours. ».

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