After David called on an old recipe for soap he created while

moncler coats for men Dad of two was dying in GP while wife sat unaware in waiting roomDavid Currie, 50, died in hospital after hours of deteriorating at a Peterborough doctors surgeryGet daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA dad of two was dying from cardiac arrest at his local GP practice while his wife was sat unaware in the waiting room next door, an inquest heard today (November 20).David Currie, 50, died in hospital after hours of deteriorating at the doctors surgery where nurses failed to pick up that he moncler outlet was developing cardiac arrest.Nurses at Fletton Surgery in Peterborough thought his deterioration was gastroenteritis and ordered a ‘non emergency ambulance’ before calling his wife to bring new clothes.But when David suddenly grew pale and breathless, it became clear he was in cardiac arrest, an emergency ambulance was called and he was rushed to hospital.David Currie was a father of twoSpeaking prior to the inquest, David’s Wife Caroline, 39, told a news organisation how she arrived at the surgery and witnessed medics ‘running around with defibrillators’ but that no one told her that her husband was dying.She received a phone call from a nurse earlier that day on October 3, asking her to bring clothes for David as he ‘had a diarrhoea accident’.But Caroline, who will give evidence later in the hearing, previously said that when she arrived and sat in the waiting room, she had no idea that her husband was dying.Surgery nurses say that David had not shown signs of cardiac arrest, despite his claims that he had chest pain through the night.On dutynurse Claire Stilgrove told the hearing, at Huntingdon Coroner’s Court, that: « At no point during the time I saw him that day did he complain of chest pain or shortage of breath. »She said that had he shown chest pains on the phone on the morning of Oct 3 or at any moment in the surgery, an emergency ambulance would have been called for.She added: « If he had told me he was experiencing chest pain that morning we would have called for an ambulance straight away. »When he phoned that morning he also did not have chest pains. »Ms Stilgrove said that she was ‘able to exclude a cardiac arrest’ when discussing his illness over the phone that morning.David arrived at the surgery that morning for a 10.30am appointment after vomiting that morning having experienced ‘severe back pain’ and ‘dizziness’.At the reception, he said that he was feeling ‘unwell’ as he ‘leaned over the reception desk’ with ‘his ‘head down’.Shortly after, he was found by nurses sitting on the floor of the bathroom having vomited, and again told them that he was unwell.He was put in a wheelchair by nurses and taken to treatment room where observations were made and a ‘non urgent ambulance was called’ to arrive in the hour.Ms Stilgrove, who began monitoring him intermittently said: « He appeared like a patient that had gastroenteritis. He was talking to me, he was sitting up and he was walking around. »The inquest heard how David made repeated trips to the loo from the observation room but Ms Stilgrove reiterated that he showed no signs of developing cardiac arrest.On his final trip to the bathroom she checked on him and added: « He was as well as someone with gastroenteritis could appear. He was not short of breath, he was not pale, he was not clammy.. moncler coats for men

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