How ridiculous is that?Every prescription drug advertised on

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Canada Goose Parka The reason there are no canada goose outlet authentic prescription medications available today where the side effects aren worse than the ailment being treated is because Big Pharma will not treat or heal anything without creating several new canada goose outlet england issues that keep their for life coming back for more. canada goose outlet washington dc Most Americans do not want to stop eating canada goose outlet store quebec junk food, fast food, corporate franchise restaurant food, microwaveable food, prepared food bar and food that mostly chock full of synthetic sweeteners, GMOs and MSG.Due almost entirely to these nasty eating habits, about 200 million Americans seek canada goose outlet store uk medical doctors to prescribe them chemical filled pills to canada goose jacket uk kill the pain, quell canada goose outlet vip the hypertension, reduce the inflammation, unclog the clots, numb the anxiety, and nullify canada goose outlet canada the depression.The FDA and CDC do not allow anything canada goose parka uk that cures disease or disorders to be labeled Americans think the FDA was created to protect us from dangerous chemicals that might wind up in food and medicine, but just the opposite is true. Over the past century, the FDA has tried to destroy all forms of holistic care in America that compete with « slash and burn » drug and vaccine treatments that are readily dished out by the allopathic Ponzi sick care schemethat masquerades canada goose outlet in chicago as care in canada goose outlet in vancouver this country.The CDC is a actually a for profit corporation listed onDun and Bradstreet. As a health protection agency, the CDC is supposed to save lives and conduct critical science for responding to threats when they arise, but pharma corporations have lobbyists and their vice presidents now in positions of control in the bureaucracy, writing legislation that favors new, untested drug approvals, as they have for canada goose outlet reviews decades.The power of the elements: Discover official canada goose outlet Colloidal Silver Mouthwash with quality, natural ingredients like canada goose outlet Sangre de Drago sap, black walnut hulls, menthol crystals and more. Zero artificial sweeteners, colors canada goose stockists uk or alcohol. Learn more at the Health Ranger Store and help support this news site.Both the FDA and the CDC promote toxic chemicals as medicine, including prescription medications, chemotherapy, and vaccines. Meanwhile, any food, herb, tincture, plant, canada goose outlet paypal seed, or essential oil that treats, prevents or cures disease is banned as while being manipulated in labs, weakened or deadened, patented, and then declared a failure.Prescription drug deaths skyrocket while the Big Pharma world pretends to search for cures for cancer, dementia, and diabetesTwenty years ago, only four in every 100,000 people died from taking prescription drugs recommended by their medical doctors. Now, one in every ten Americans struggle with addiction to prescription drugs (think opioids and SSRIs). Right now, over three million Americans are abusing painkillers, two million are misusing tranquilizers, 1.7 million are abusing stimulants, and half a million are misusing sedatives.More Americans use and abuse prescription drugs than heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines combined. How many of them will die this year? About 50 people will die today from overdosing on opioids.The side effects of most prescription drugs that treat depression and anxiety include worsened depression and thoughts of suicide. How ridiculous is that?Every prescription drug advertised on television for all American children and teens to see comes slathered with side effects you wouldn wish on your worst enemies. Then they all feature the same tag line, your doctor if (fill in complex chemical name here) is right for you. would only make sense that natural cures would be banned if they caused side effects like all the prescription medications do, but they don If organic foods caused the health problems conventional foods do, they too would be banned, recalled or stuck with warning labels.It as if we are all living in total idiocy like the movie More than 200 million Americans think it okay if their medical doctor prescribes them that can cause internal bleeding, loss of vision, coma, feelings of suicide, and thoughts of committing homicide. Wake up America. You living inside a real life nightmare, where the food is toxic, the medicine is more toxic, and the medical canada goose outlet uk sale doctors have no nutrition education, canada goose outlet online uk yet go canada goose outlet mall to school for eight years to learn how to juggle chemical canada goose outlet los angeles medicines like some Bozo science clowns Canada Goose Parka.