In case the objection raised is found to be correct

Fee: The prescribed fee for raising objection is Rs 50/ per question. In case the objection raised is found to be correct, the Fee paid against such valid objections shall be refunded to the candidate. The refund will be made to the account from where the candidate has made the online payment..

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Many pandas lack interest in their arranged mates and some inexperienced males who give it the old college try fail to engage the proper body part. Panda porn. When that fails and it often does artificial insemination is considered a last resort.

Commentary: Obamacare unlikely to survive even if it is repairedLet’s be clear. Obamacare was not perfect. But how could we expect a federal law so complex, affecting one fifth of our economy, to be perfect from the get go? Congress never gave it a chance, or even a tweak, to help it work.

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