What remained in the sky was an apparition in a twisted shape

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A meteor can create a very high level cloud called a cheap canada goose uk noctilucent [night shining] cloud, » they wrote, adding a link to an article about this type of cloud formation published on NASA’s website. canada goose black friday new york This footage, filmed in San Leandro, outside San Francisco, shows a bright streak in the sky.Residents across the state of California were puzzled by the strange formation in the sky, taking to social media to share their bewilderment and conjecture.Dashcam footage shows a bright light appearing in the sky leaving behind it a glowing bright, white tail. What remained in the sky was an apparition in a twisted shape, that looked similar to a question mark.Unlike usual meteor activity, the burning incandescent tail https://www.canadagooseonlineshop.co.uk didn disappear, but seemed to remain visibly fixed in the canada goose careers uk sky.The question mark was visible from the Lake Tahoe area, the Sacramento Valley and the Bay Area at around 5.45pm California time.People also reported viewing the strange sight from surrounding states including Nevada.

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