That car felt pretty damn unbeatable on the track

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While the sixth car, the 2019, is directly based on last year’s GT3, it’s more instructive to compare it to the 2016 GT3 RS model. That car felt pretty damn unbeatable on the track. While the advances on the previous generation are discernible, they are not revolutionary.

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Indeed, for a place where boiling seems to be the marquee cooking method, we were impressed with the kitchen’s deep frying bona fides. The fried chicken was hot and juicy, the cornmeal fried shrimp appetizer was spicy and plump, and the French fries get battered before they take their hot oil dip. It may not seem like a necessary step, but when your potatoes are the base layer of Grand Catch cheesy fries a mound of garlic butter, cheese sauce, and lobster or crab if you’re feeling wild you’re counting on them to bear the weight.