At stake is nothing less than our prosperity and economic well

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cheap replica handbags Ontario Premier Doug Ford attends Question Period at the Ontario Legislature in Toronto, on Wednesday, September 12, 2018. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press)Horwath is the most popular with a net approval rating of 0.5%, but she been the replica bags paypal accepted most popular for years, during which time she lost three consecutive elections, with her best showing in 2018 by elevating the NDP to official Opposition status.New Democrats have to decide if Horwath can win on her fourth try in 2022, or if a new leader is needed.Interim Liberal leader John Fraser has a net approval rating of 6.8% and Green leader Mike Schreiner, 3.8%.Fourth, earlier polls showed Ford hovering around 50% public disapproval after he was elected PC leader but before he became premier, and the PCs still handily won a majority government.Fifth, if the poll is accurate, PC support is solid and widespread, with the party comfortably ahead in the vote rich Greater Toronto Area, eastern Ontario and southwestern Ontario, a competitive second place replica bags china in Toronto and south central Ontario, zeal replica bags reviews and only trailing behind the NDP and Liberals in northern Ontario, which has the fewest seats.Sixth, Ford disapproval rating isn surprising given that he a polarizing politician who has been spending a lot of his political capital early in his mandate, implementing such controversial policies as revising the province sex ed curriculum and downsizing Toronto council.That smart. If a premier is going to do something controversial, it better to do it at the start of his or her mandate than the end, to give the party time to ride out the storm.None of this means the PCs should replica bags korea be complacent.First, Ford unnecessarily wastes political capital on issues that aren worth replica bags and watches the candle and could stick to him eventually, such as his insistence on appointing Ford family friend, Toronto Police Supt cheap replica handbags.