Findings are complex, however, as overall, teens in the study

cheap Air max shoes How Losing a Mom Early Impacts Religiosity By Traci PedersenTeenagers who lose a religious mother to an untimely death are less likely to attend church as young adults, while teens who lose a non religious mom are more likely to seek the comfort of spiritual practices, especially prayer.Researcher Renae Wilkinson, sociologist and doctoral candidate at Baylor University College of Arts Sciences, said a mother death during childhood is off time death, when our norms break down. »child may wonder why God chose to take the mother away so soon and could turn away from God, or turn toward God as a compensatory figure. Findings are complex, however, as overall, teens in the study who experienced a mother death were less likely to attend church, but were still more likely to say that religion is important in their lives as young adults.findings suggest that there is a complex relationship between mother loss and religiosity, and it is one that may depend on maternal religiousness, said Wilkinson.children dealing with a mother death, the loss is not only distressing, but also likely to violate beliefs about the timing of life transitions and to challenge ideas about the fairness of the world, Wilkinson a disruptive event at an already disruptive time of life the transition from adolescence to young adulthood involves role changes related to education, family and romantic relationships that experiencing the death of one mother may complicate. Research has shown that in cheap nike shoes general, children tend to mirror their parents in matters of faith over time, whether that be religiosity or atheism. cheap Air max shoes

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